Space for Digital Visual Research(2022/23)

  Bachelor Thesis Digital Experimentation


Scientific Concepts and Their Creative Usability

Utilizing digital tools to push the limits of visual experimentation.

Bachelorthesis at the Bauhaus-University Weimar 2022 .




AR Sculpture
best performance on iPhone


In 2013, the Space for Visual Research was established at the Bauhaus University Weimar, creating a platform to study the practical aspects of experimental image design. My thesis aimed to reconstruct analog experimental setups, which were primarily based on scientific phenomena, purely in a digital format. This initiative breathed new life into the Space for Visual Research by creating a digital space for visual exploration, paving the way for further experimentation in this field.
    In addition to a theoretical media philosophical section, I extensively examined the scientific concepts behind the experiments created in the SfVR and their digital emulation. My thesis analyzed the interaction of scientific concepts with their creative application, showcasing the relationship between science and design.
    As a result of my research, I developed tangible interactive objects and installations, employing the digital processes developed from the scientific concepts. The implementation of these designs brought forth a new and creative perspective, resulting in a novel approach to visual experimentation.
    Through my thesis, I gained a deeper understanding of design philosophy and learned to integrate scientific research into the design process. The result was a unique perspective that can bring together scientific research and design to create something innovative and thought-provoking. My thesis has helped pave the way for future research and design in this area, with endless possibilities for creative exploration.