Live Visual 


Wiring and Assembly: Constructing a Custom-Built Case

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Arduino and TouchDesigner

Real-World Applications: Enhancing Live Visual Performances

Programming the Controller: Streamlining Input and Output Functions

Digital technology has revolutionized the way artists create and perform music, with digital controllers being a significant aspect of this transformation. These hardware devices allow artists to manipulate software-based music applications, controlling various parameters of software synthesizers or audio effects processors in real-time. As visual performances and video effects have gained popularity, digital controllers have become increasingly prevalent in the world of VJing. In this project, a custom digital controller was developed specifically for controlling software-based video effects used in live visual performances. The motivation behind this project was the need for a more tactile and intuitive way to control various audio and visual effects used in VJing, as software-based controllers often lack the physicality and immediacy that hardware controllers provide.
    The custom controller was built using an Arduino Mega microcontroller and a variety of input components, such as buttons, sliders, and rotary encoders, based on the principles of compactness, portability, and customization. The goal was to create a device that could be easily transported and tailored to the specific needs of the artist. This level of customization is not possible with off-the-shelf controllers. The project involved several stages, including ordering components, wiring, and assembling the device within a custom-built case. The Arduino code, written in the Arduino IDE, was uploaded to the microcontroller, and communication between the Arduino and TouchDesigner was established. The project's aim is to showcase the potential of hardware controllers in the world of VJing, inspire others to create their custom controllers tailored to their specific needs, and ultimately highlight the importance of tactile and intuitive control in creating engaging and dynamic live performances.