(2019 – 2020)



The Challenge of Creating a New Visual Identity for Kasseturm

The Emergence of Key Basic Ideas: Flexibility, Tradition, Adaptability, Continuity, and Cooperation

The Importance of Unifying and Modernizing Visual Communication for Web and Print



Haron Barashed

The aim of the project, which I conducted in collaboration with Haron Barashed, was to create a new visual identity for the Kasseturm. As the oldest student club in Germany and an institution in Weimar's club and student scene, it was important to modernize and unify the visual communication for web and print.
    In order to simplify the production process of the print media and potentially attract new audiences for the club's operations, we conducted extensive research and developed various approaches. Despite their differences, these approaches were all based on similar ideas, including flexibility, tradition, adaptability, continuity, and cooperation. The tension between these concepts proved to be particularly fruitful from a design point of view.
    Our focus was on creating a visual identity that was both fresh and modern, while still honoring the tradition and history of the Kasseturm. This was achieved through a combination of bold colors and typography, as well as elements inspired by the building's architectural features.
    In addition to the visual identity, we also developed a comprehensive design system that could be easily implemented across all of the club's communication channels, from social media to physical signage. This system allowed for a consistent and cohesive brand experience for both current and potential audiences.
    Throughout the project, we emphasized the importance of collaboration and communication with the Kasseturm team. By working closely with them, we were able to ensure that the final result was not only visually appealing, but also aligned with their goals and values.
    Overall, the project allowed us to further develop our understanding of design philosophy and the importance of incorporating research and collaboration into the design process. We are proud to have created a visual identity that not only modernizes the Kasseturm's communication, but also honors its rich history and tradition.