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Finding Hidden Gems in the Datamoshing Scene

Exploring the Possibilities of UV Maps in Touchdesigner 


dd_glitch assist


As a digital media artist, I have explored various approaches to media manipulation and creation. My journey into the world of datamoshing led me to develop a user-friendly tool that would streamline the datamoshing process by utilizing a graphical user interface (GUI). Through extensive research, I discovered several command-line tools that were either outdated or too complex to use. Eventually, I found a reliable solution in dd_glitch assist, a powerful tool with over 30 well-documented scripts that are based on ffmpeg.
    In addition to my work in datamoshing, I have also explored machine learning models for image generation. Disco Diffusion, a model developed by Katherine Crowson and modified by several collaborators, utilizes CLIP to connect text inputs with images. I was particularly fascinated by the decentralized collaboration that went into creating this model and the new design approach that is centered around text inputs.
    Another approach to digital media manipulation that I have explored involves the innovative use of UV maps in Touchdesigner. By generating UV maps with unique color values for each pixel, it is possible to map arbitrary input onto a surface. Manipulating the UV map in various ways can produce fascinating and unexpected visual effects, leading to new creative possibilities in the digital realm.
    Overall, my work in digital media has been driven by a desire to push the boundaries of creativity and explore new approaches to media manipulation and creation. Through my experiences with datamoshing, machine learning, and innovative UV mapping techniques, I have gained a deeper understanding of the power of digital media and its potential to revolutionize the way we think about art and design.

TD Datamosh via UV-MAP

dd.Glitchassist & Tomato.PY

mixing multiple glitch tools brings the best effects.

Boids Alorithm