(2019  –  2021)



Reimagining Technology in Art through Interactive

Exploring AI's Evolution in Modern Transmedia Projects. 

Fusing Digital Realities in Immersive Art Experiences.


Official Aftermovie

We, the Latent Space collective, are a group of Bauhaus University alumni who came together during and after our studies to work together across Germany. Although we are active as individual artists, designers and computer scientists, we increasingly question the meaningfulness of singular authorship in larger projects and in the context of modern media art. Therefore, we bring ourselves together as agents of a system to realize large transmedial projects beyond academic and disciplinary boundaries. A critical examination of the relationship between human and machine is essential in a world where the boundaries between the digital and real worlds are no longer just dissolved, but even non-existent. 

Based on our belief that engaging with the increasingly technological and multidimensional world requires approaches that are equally multimedia, immersive and participatory, our aim is to create projects at the intersection of art and technology. We share a fascination with innovative but accessible media art. Together, we share the vision of demystifying technological processes while leaving room for poetry, play and imagination. 

Returning to the city where all members of our collective once studied and projecting onto the Bauhaus Museum as part of the Genius Loci Festival is an exciting opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of Weimar and the Bauhaus. As technology-oriented artists, we are excited by the festival's theme, which explores the latest developments in artificial intelligence. We look forward to inviting the audience on a comprehensive journey into the origin and evolution of intelligent systems, sparking curiosity and igniting conversations.