(2019 – 2021)

  Curative Work


Building Immersive and Memorable Experiences with Technology.

Showcasing the Versatility and Effectiveness of Curation in Digital Spaces.

Overcoming the Limitations of Physical Spaces through Technology.


La Strada

Wie weit kannst du gehen?

Basic Instincts

La Strada 19

Our goal was to showcase the creativity and talent of our classmates while highlighting the versatility and effectiveness of animated posters as a means of communicating information and ideas. We carefully selected a range of posters created by our classmates and used a strategic approach to content selection and arrangement to create an immersive and memorable visual experience. By periodically displaying all posters across all projection surfaces and screens with slight offsets, we ensured that each poster received equal visibility and attention, while keeping the focus on one poster at a time.
The exhibition successfully showcased the creative potential of animated posters as a powerful medium for conveying complex ideas and messages in a visually engaging way. By leveraging the power of animation and using a strategic approach to content selection and arrangement, we created an immersive and impactful visual experience that resonated with visitors. The exhibition highlighted the effectiveness of animated posters in communicating information and ideas, demonstrating the versatility and impact of this dynamic medium in digital spaces. Overall, the exhibition was a success, effectively conveying the creative talents of our classmates and the potential of animated posters as an effective means of communication.

Wie Weit kannst du gehen? 20

This digital exhibition was created in respnse to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Framed by the guiding question of the module, "how far can you go?", my collaborator Yun Kuo and I aimed to develop an innovative exhibition concept for the web that would encourage interaction and meaningful engagement with the projects on display, rather than simply allowing visitors to passively scroll through a feed. To achieve this, we employed to build a dynamic and engaging website that facilitated a rich and immersive experience for users. 

Although many of the projects are no longer available online, the link to the exhibition homepage remains as a testament to the creative and technical expertise required to overcome the limitations of the pandemic and create a compelling and engaging digital exhibition.

Basic Instinct 21

Following the project "Wie weit kannst du gehen," I collaborated with Elisabeth Scholz. For the curatorial initiative "Marke 6," we developed a digital exhibition that was closely connected to and enriched the physical exhibition "Basic Instinct." The focus of our work was to create an online exhibition that transcended the limitations of physical spaces and fully leveraged the possibilities of digital environments. To achieve this goal, we utilized a gamification approach that encouraged visitors to explore the exhibited objects from unconventional perspectives. The interactive nature of the exhibition was carefully balanced so as not to detract from the primary artworks, while still providing visitors with a unique and engaging experience.

Our exhibition was designed to create a virtual environment that was both immersive and interactive. By leveraging the power of digital space and scanning technology, we were able to create a space that allowed visitors to explore each object in a playful and dynamic way. This approach encouraged visitors to engage more deeply with the artworks and consider them from new and unique angles. Overall, our project was a testament to the potential of digital environments to create meaningful and engaging exhibition experiences, and we are excited to continue exploring the possibilities of this medium in the future.